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Statement of Fact

Qualifications and Treatments

Acceptable Qualifications

Please review the acceptable quailifications below:

Conditions applicable to Treatment Risks Extension

It is a condition precedent to Our liability that

You and any Insured Person covered by this policy has gained qualifications recognised by the Barber, Hairdressing and/ or Make-Up industry or experience as approved by NASMAH for the treatments undertaken. In the event of a claim under this Section You shall provide evidence of the relevant qualifications.

Please note that You must be deemed a 'qualified' barber and/ or hairdresser to undertake the following Treatments* and hold either a Certificate recognised by the Barber and/ or Hairdressing industry or minimum of 12 continuous months experience:

  • *Cut Throat/ *Hot Towel/ *Turkish & *Wet Shaving
  • *Ear Singeing
  • *Facial Waxing
  • *Hair Extensions



Treatments Covered

Please review the treatments covered and tick the box to acknowledge.

Screen Media Make-Up Artist (NASMAH)

  1. application and installation of contact lenses

  2. application of prosthetics including head, body and bodysuits

  3. creation of custom made prosthetics including dental appliances, false teeth, moulds and dentures

  4. life casting application and creation including bald caps

  5. special effects (SFX)

  6. teeth colouring


In addition to the treatments listed above, this Treatment Risks Extension extends to include the following:

Barbering including

  1. cutting, clipping and hair art

  2. cut-throat, hot towel, Turkish and wet shaving

  3. ear singeing, facial waxing including threading

  4. hand, arm, shoulder, neck and head/scalp massage


Hairdressing including

  1. shampoo, setting, drying and cutting hair, colouring (including bleaching, dyeing and tinting), relaxing, hair straightening , hair extensions, permanent waving, normal and special treatment of the hair carried out by a hairdresser

  2. Brazilian and Keratin smoothing treatment, colour additives and bonding treatments

  3. work on wigs and hairpieces, fitting, cutting and styling of wigs and hairpieces


Beautician Treatments including

  1. application of cosmetics, body wraps, facial masks, henna tattoos, exfoliation treatments, false/ spray tans,  airbrushing and bleaching

  2. application of proprietary hair removal preparations including electrolysis, sugaring, threading, epilation and use of tweezers
  3. cellulite/ stretchmark treatments
  4. eyebrow and eyelash bleaching, plucking, shaping, tinting and threading including extensions and High Definition/ HD Brows
  5. manicure and pedicure (but not chiropody) including the application of acrylic coatings, nail art and nail extensions
  6. massage including Swedish Massage, full body, back, scalp, neck and shoulder, leg and foot massage

Ear piercing by gun and stud method only


Eye Technician

  1. eyebrow and eyelash bleaching, plucking, shaping, tinting and threading

  2. eyelash extensions and HD (high definition) brows


Holisitic Treatments including

  1. aromatherapy

  2. hopi ear candles

  3. hot stone massage

  4. indian head massage

  5. reflexology

  6. reiki


Make-Up Artist including

  1. bridal hair styling* and make-up

  2. period and vintage hair styling* and make-up

  3. airbrushing and spray tans

  4. application of cosmetic products and henna tattoos

  5. application, creation, dressing and making of wigs, hairpieces and postiche

  6. facial hair grooming and maintenance

  7. eyelash extensions, eyelash and eyebrow shaping, plucking, tinting and threading

  8. face, hand and body make-up including face and body painting

  9. camouflage make-up

  10. ageing hair styling* and make-up

  11. stage hair styling* and make-up including editorials, fashion, film, photoshoots, theatre, TV including HD work 

    *hair styling involving use of brushes, combs, irons, wands, hairdryers and rollers (heated)


Nail Technician including

  1. manicures

  2. pedicures (but not chiropody) including the application of acrylic coatings, nail art and nail extensions